Border Bowls

" Border Men's Bowls
Kindly note that the men's Squad Practice scheduled for the 24th June 2012 has been postponed to Sunday the 8th July 2012, commencing time 9am, reporting at 8.30am. All players who represented Border in the Inter Districts in March 2012 are invited to attend. Each one to hand in one 20/20 assessment on the day, signed by the Marker.
Queries to Arthur, 0722050707"


"Border (men's Section)
All men who took part in the Inter Districts Tournament in March 2012 are invited to attend a Squad Practice to be held at the EL Bowling Club on the 24th June 2012, starting at 9h00, reporting time 8h30. This practice is of ultra importance which includes a discussion on fund raising.
All participants are requested to submit at least one 20/20 on the day, undertaken in own time and signed by your marker.
Any queries phone Arthur 0722050707".


Selection for 2012


I van Heerden  T  Ormston  G  Fletcher  A Hogan
C Smith  C Potgieter  M Hensberg  J Grant
Manager    A Brandt

I Wakeford  M Underwood  B Carstens N Brill
D Wanrer  M Corbett  BJ van Heerden  T Terblanch
Manager   F Pieters

P Burger  V Boucher  A Stephenson  P van Tonder
M Kemp  M Burbidge B Richardson  J Phillips
To be announced


L Odendaal  F Hayidakis  L Pope  D Krull
T Ashdown  H Boucher  R Morton  L Boucher
Manager  A van Zyl

B Leach  E Glasgow  L Nel  R Muller
B Smith  SClarke  G Ball  N Warner
Manager N Leeming

L Morrison  V McCulloch L Puttergill  R Johnston
E Forrest  M Freeman  J Spoelstra  P Odendaal
Manager  C Schroeder


                                                      Border Ladies Representatives


Kimberley          "B"                 N Wood            M Freeman             M Hahn            A Jessop                        Runners-up

16-20                                          J Farrell            E Johnosn               D McFarlane   M Barraud                   

March                  Reserve        E Cloete                                                                                                                                       

                              Manager       C Schroeder                                                                                                                                 

                              Seniors         J Armist           T Marais                  F Wellman      E Forrest                     

                                                     J Johnson         G van Heerden       B Giller            A van Zyl                     



Johannesburg     Open             E Walker         E Johnson                J Sanders         E Forrest                     

8-13 March                                E Barraud        J Brits                       M Freeman     M Wells                       

Bloemfontein                            P Forrester     L Odendaal              S Fiveash         M Barraud                   

                              B                    D van Schoor  C Schroeder            D Muir             D McFarlane               

                                                     D Martin          M Hahn                    B Giller            L Puttergill                  

                                                     J Farrell           N Wood                    withdrew                                              

                              Seniors         J Armist           N Leeming               E Cloete           J Sparg                          

                                                     J Johnson        G van Heerden        S Karshagen    A van Zyl                     



Regional              Open             E Walker        E Barraud                 L Odendaal     M Wells                       

Play-off                                      P Forrester    M Freeman               J Sanders                                               

2000                    B                    J Brtis              E Johnson                E Glasgow       K Phillips                    

                                                     R Edens          A Robinson                                        M Barraud                   

                              Seniors         J Armist          N Leeming                E Cloete           J Sprag                          

                                                     J Johnson       G van Heerden         S Karshagen    A van Zyl                     



NERBA                Open             J Brits              L Odendaal              R Edens           K Phillips                    

                                                     E Walker        M Wells                    J Sanders         M Barraud                   

Potchef-               B                    P Forrester    V Cook                       A Robinson     E Forrest                     

stroom                                       E Johnosn      M Freeman               J mcMullen     V Murray                     

Bloemfontein     Seniors         G van Heerden  S Karshagen          A van Zyl         J Sparg                          

                                                     N Leeming     J Johnson                  C Schroeder    D McFarlane               

                              Managers     Open               G van Heerden     B   J Sparg     Seniors   E Johnson                                                          

                                                     E Johnson & M Freeman  promoted to Open side                                                                                    

                                                     S Fiveash & P Titford  to B Side                                                                                              



Durban                Open             J Brits              P Forrester               M Freeman     M Barraud                    9th out of 10

                                                     L Odendaal    E Johnson                 W Peinke         E Forrest                     

Pretoria               B                    R Edens          P Titford                   M Lambole     A Brazelle                     9th in Sec 10

                                                     G Phillips        V Cook                     A Robinson     L Taggart                     

Executive                                   Allan Freeman  Brian Levey          C Schroeder    A van Zyl                     Won Executive Section Section

Bloemfontein     Seniors         N Leeming     A van Zyl                  G van Heerden  J Sparg                       

                                                     S Karshagen  C Schroeder               J Spoelstra          E Cloete                    


2003                   Played  in 2004                                                                                                                                                       


2004                   Open             J Brits               E Johnson               P Forrester      T Ashdwon                 

Cape Town                                L Odendaal     M Freeman              W Peinke         E Forrest                     

                                                     Manager          J Sparg                                                                                      

Pietermarit         B                    R Edens           L Middleton            A Robinson     V Murray                     

sburg                                          G Phillips        M Barraud               M Lambole     L Taggart                     

                                                     Manager         A van Zyl                                                                                  

Bloemfontein     Seniors         M Wells           C Schroeder            L Fletcher        D McFarlane               

                                                     S Karshagen   J Sanders                   A van Zyl         J Sparg                          



7-11 March                                                                                                                                                                                      

Pretoria               Open             J Brits                E Johnson              L Middleton    T Ashdown                  10th in

                                                     L Odendaal      M Freeman             L Taggart         P Donegan                    Section

                                                     Manager           M Cloete                                                                                  

                                                     J Brits   withdrew       R Edens     replacement                                                                           

East                      B                    P Forrester      L Puttergill              V Murray         H Grabie                       9th in Sect of 10

London                                       E Forrest          E Glasgow              S Brandt           J Derbyshire               

                                                     Manager           Trevor Knoetze                                                                     

Bloemfontein     Seniors         N Leeming       C Schroeder            V Green            D McFarlane                6th in

                                                     P Titford           A van Zyl                G Murray         M Lambole                   Section of 10

                                                     Captain             C Schroederr                                                                          

Under  15                                   I van Heerden Colin Elliott            Conrad PotgieterNatasha Spring        Won Gold Plate


26-30 Sept                                 Manager           G Middleton                                                                           



24-28 April         Open             G Phillips         E Johnson               P Forrester      T Asdhown                  10 in

                                                     J Brits                L Morrison            L Odendaal     L Puttergill                   Sect of 10

                                                     Manager           L Middleton                                                                           

George                 B                    E Glasgow        V Green                   B Smith            H Garbie                       10th in

                                                     L Taggart          J Misselhorn          V Murray         R Morton                      Sectio of 10

                                                     Manager           A van Zyl                                                                                

Margare               Seniors         E Forrest          P Titford                 C Schroeder    M Lambole                   7th in

                                                     M Wells            M Freeman            G Murray         V Brown                       Section 0f 10

                                                     Manager          L Harrison                                                                               




March                  Open             L Morrison       M Barraud             T Ashdown     L Puttergill                  

Port Natal                                  G Phillips          J Milwidsky          L Taggart         V Murray                     

                                                     Manager           L Middleton                                                                           

Vaal                      B                    F Hayidakis      J Misselhorn         R Morton         R Esterhuizen              7th  in Sect 10

                                                     B Smith             D Bradfield            L Halley           P Tiltmann                  

                                                     Manager           A van Zyl                                                                                

Eastern                Seniors         P Forrester      M Freeman             L Harrison      M Brown                      6th in Sect 10

Gauteng                                      E Forrest          C Schroeder            G Murray         S Brandt                       




Cape Town         Open             L Odendaal      M Barraud              T Ashdwon     V Murray                      7th in Sect 10

1-5 March                                  J Milwidsky      G Phillips              L Puttergill      R Esterhuizen             

                                                     Manager           A van Zyl                                                                                

Sables                  B                    B Smith             D Bradfield            F Hayidakis    J Raymond                   9th in Sect 10

                                                     J Misselhorn    P Tiltmann             P Murray         B Taylor                      

                                                     Manager           A Robinson                                                                            

Southern             Seniors         E Johnson         J McMullen            D Shuman       M Brown                      Won Section

Cape                                            P Forrester     M Freeman              S Corbett          S Brandt                        Played for

                                                     Manager           C Schroeder            PLAYED FOR BRONZE  LOST BY 4 SHOTS



Pretoria               Open             L Odendaal       L Puttergill            D Bradfield     V Murray                      10th in Sect 10

10 to  14                                     J Milwidsky      F Hayidakis          L Taggart         T Ashdown                 


Kimberley          B                    B Smith             B Taylor                 L Dick              H Boucher                    5th in Sect 10

London                                       M Barraud       P Murray                 J Levy               J Raymond                  


                              Seniors         N Leeming       E Johnson               E Forrest         S Brandt                        7th in Sect 10

East London                              M Freeman      P Forrester             L Harrison      M Brown                     

                                                     Manager          C Schroeder                                                                             



South                   Open             L Odendaal     M Barraud               B Taylor          V Murray                     

Coast                                           F Hayidakis    T Ashdown             D Bradfield     J Raymond                  

Mar-10                                       Manager          Merle van der Berg                                                                                          

Port                      B                    B Smith           H Boucher                S Curnick         D Krull                         

Elizabeth                                   E Walker         R Morton                 J Levy               L Boucher                    

                                                     Manager         Audrey van Zyl                                                                        

Eastern                Seniors         E Johnson       L Morrison              E Forrsest       B Jones                          4th in

Gauteng                                      P Forrester    M Freeman               L Puttergill      P Odendaal                   Section 0f 10

                                                     Manager         C Schroeder                                                                              

                                G Phillips   withdrew       E Forrest  replacement


MEN'S       INTER DISTRICT  SIDES                                                                                                                                             


13-17 March   Open   A Terblanche              P Bell                             B Radloff      V Boucher                

NERBA                          H Phillips                     R Kelly                          R Taylor       J Wainwright           

                                        Manager                       B McCormick                                                                         

Potches-           B          M Jarman                     M Kemp                        P Goldcre     I Wakeford                overall

stroom                          A Nel                             H Meier                         D Warner     M Underwood          position

                                        C Smith and K Phillips   withdrew A Edens withdrew                                         3rd

                                        Manager                      T Knoetze                                                                                

                           Seniors: B Levey                     J Olivant                        A Brandt       N van der Wath       

                                        A Freeman                 K Kemp                           I Johnson      R Westphal              

                                        Manager                     A Steyn                                                                                      



18-23                Open   A Terblanche             R Taylor                         V Boucher    J Wainwright            6th in

March                            P Bell                         B Radloff                          M Kemp        G Beebs                     Section


Pretoria            B          M Jarman                 P Goldacre                        A Edens        I Wakeford               

                                        D Boy                        B Richardson                  D Warner     M Underwood         

                                        I Wakerford  and D Warner  withdrew                                                                                                   

                                        T Landman  and a Naude    replacements                                                                                               

Executive                      A Freeman              B Levey     Connie Schroeder     Audrey van Zyl                   Won Executive Section    








                           Open   A Terblanche         B Radloff                            A Edens        V Boucher                

                                        F du Plessis             P Bell   withdrew            M Kemp        G Beebe withdrew  

                                        P Bell  &  G Beebe   withdrew       M Jarman & M Underwood   replacements                                                               

                           B          M Jarman  withdrew  P Goldacre B Richardson M Underwood  w/drew        

                                        B Birch D Warner T Landman  w/d A Cloete                     

                                        T Stretton   G Minnie   C Smith  replacements    T Landman  withdrew                                           

                                        M Jarman   and M Underwood    transferred to Open Side                                                                                                 

Executive   Side           A Freeman P van Wyk Connie Schroeder     Antonette Wittstock                     



                           Open   F du Plessis           M Kemp                              J Measures   M Underwood         

                                        R Kelly                    A Edens                              V Boucher    G Beebe                    

                                        Manager                 B Levey                                                                                         

                           B          M Jarman               Grant Smith                        Tian Landman                                 Graham Minnie   

                                        B Birch                   P Burger                              B Richardson                                  Anton Cloete        

                                        Manager                F Pietrers                                                                                       

                           SeniorsB Levey                 A Freeman                          D Jakobi       A Boy                        

                                        J Olivant                H Meier                                A Brandt       Johnny Grant           

                                        J Olivant     witrhdrew        Keith Kemp   replacement                                                                                        

                                        Manager              A Freeman                                                                                       



                           Open   F du Plessis         V Boucher                            B Richardson   M Underwood     3rd in

7-11 March                   A Edens                B Birch                                  G Minnie          P van Tonder        Section

                                        Manager               F Pieters                                                                                           of 10

                           B          G Smith                T Landman                           J Verdoukas     A Slater                 

                                        M Jarman             R Rule                                    G Enslin           N Brill                   

                                        M  Keeley   withdrew    T Landman     replacement                                                                                                                        Manager             F Naude                                                                                                          

                           Seniors: B Levey             H Meier                                 B Farrer        I Phillips                   9th in

Bloemfontein               R Kelly                  A Freeman                           D Jakobi       J Grand                       Section

                                        Manager              C Quirk                                                                                              of 10


2006                Open   M Keeley             P Burger                                 M  Jarman    P van Tonder            6th  in

24-28 April                   A Edens               V Boucher                             B Richardson M Underwood       Section

Johannes-                      A Edens     withdrew       P Burger    replacement       V Boucher  skipped        of 10

burg                               Manager             F Pieters                                                                                            

George              B          C Smith               D Timm                                  A Slater         R Conway                  8th in

                                        J Verdoukas      T Landman                              G Minnie      N Brill                        Section

                                        C Smith   transferred to Open Side        D Warner   replacement   skip         of 10

                                        Manager            F Naude                                                                                              

Margate            Seniors: B Levey           H Meier                                   B Farrer        I Phillips                   4th  in

                                        R Kelly          J Measures                                   D Jakobi       J Granr                       Section

                                        B Levey  wirthdrew            replacement     R Taylor                                              of 10

                                        Manager      C Quirk                                                                                                     


2007                Open   M Keeley       B Richarson                                Curtis Smith  P van Tonder          6th in

                                        V Boucher     P Burger                                       T Landman    M Underwood        Section

                                        Manager        F Pieters                                                                                                  of 10

                           B          J Verdoukas  Ian van Heerden                         L McPhail     R Conway                  8th in

                                        D Warner       D Sanders                                   A Slater         T Terblanche            Section of 10                                                                                  T Terblanche    withdrew            replacement   Mark Hensberg                        

                                        Manager        F Naude                                                                                                  

                           Seniors: H Meier       R Taylor                                      B Farrer        I Phillips                   9th in

                                        R Kelly            J Measures                                 D Jakobi       J Grant                        Section

                                        Roy Taylor     withdrew - car accident      replacement    A  Brandt                 of 10

                                        Manager        C Quirk                                                                                                   


2008                Open   B Richardson T Landman                                M Underwood    M Hensberg       10 th

Cape Town                   P Burger          V Boucher                                  C Smith         P van Tonder            Section

1-5 March                     Manager         B Levey                                                                                                  of 10

Sables               B          D Warner        Ian van Heerden                       B Carstens    R Conway                  9th in

                                        J Verdoukas   G Ellis                                         I Wakeford   T Terblanche            Section

                                        Manager         D  Timm                                                                                                of 10

South Coast     Seniors: R Kelly          J O'Kennedy                              E Taggart      N Weyer                    6th in

                                        M Keeley        A Brandt                                     H Meier        I Phillips                   Section of 10

                                        Manager         J Grant                                         J  McDowell  withdraw as Manager                                          


2009                Open   M  Keeley        R Taylor                                    Ian van Heerden      P van Tonder        9th in

Pretoria                         T Landman     V Boucher                                  B Richardson            T Terblanche        Section of 10

10-14 MARCH Manager          B levey                                                                                                              

Kimberley       B          M Underwood S Morton                                   B Carstens    C Potgieter                2nd in

                                        Curtis Smith    A Stephenson                           M Corbett     R  Rudy                      Section

                                                                                                                                                                                 WON   BRONZE   of 10

                                        Manager          F Pieters                                                                                               

East London    Seniors: R Kelly          B Farrer                                     N Weyer       I Phillips                   3rd  in

                                        M Jarman        H Phillips                                  E Taggart      D Richardson           Section

                                        Manager                                                                                                                          of 10


2010                Open   M Underwood D Warner                                  M Hensberg C Potgieter               

South Coast                  G Flatcher        I van Heerden                          B Carstens    T Terblanche           

9-13 March                   Manager           V Boucher                                                                                                                           

Eastern             B          T Landman      M Corbett                                  G Joubert      R Rudy                      

Province                       B Richardson  A Stepehenson                         T Ormston   G Westcott               

                                        Manager          A Brandt                                                                                                                               

Eastern             Seniors: R Kelly         M Kemp                                      G Nelson      I Phillips                   7th in

Gauteng                         M Jarman       H Phillips                                   Buddy Chamen  P van Tonder     Section of 10

                                        Manager   F Pieters                                                                                                                                      



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