Border Bowls




Border Men’s Singles

Saturday 8th September, reporting time 8.30am. Venues to be announced.

Section 1

J. Etcheverry; C. Wiessner; D. van der Vywer.

Section 2

J. Grant jnr; E. Schlemmer; J. Schulein.

Section 3

R. Rule; P van Tonder; M. Burbidge.

Section 4

G. Breetzke; B. Carstons; R. van Tonder.

Section 5

B. Chetty; L. Martin; R. Kelly.

Section 6

D. Goldschmidt; B. Weiss; G. Thompson.

Section 7

P. Jacobs; A. Phayre; R. Hutchinson.

Section 8

D. Morrison; S. Morton; M. Underwood.

Section 9

D. Els; M. Jarman; T. Terblanche.

Section 10

A. Ormston; R. Brummer; T. Elliott.

Section 11

D. Knock; B. Majoos; R. Malan.

Section 12

I. Walker; R. Weyer; J. Schultz.

Section 13

J. Palmer; D. King; R. Rudy.

Section 14

S. Ngoyi; C. Wakeford; D. Minnie.

Section 15

T. Kingston; A. Hogan; J. Wainwright.

Section 16

T. Ormston; G. Symons; C. Potgieter.

Section 17

M. Hensberg; G. Pereira; A. Egan.


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